Jacob Kriese was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, and earned his bachelors degree from Indiana University in May 2015. He is married and expecting his first child this summer. He and his wife love the Bay Area and can often be found exploring trails, beaches and parks with their dog Levi.

In the mid-2000's, Kriese studied photojournalism and art history at IU, winning photo internships at the Ventura County Star and the Indianapolis Star newspapers, as well as spots in two of the country's best photojournalism workshops--the Eddie Adams and Mountain Workshops. Additionally, his freelance photography appeared on the Associated Press wire and in print and Web publications world-wide. 

In early 2010, Kriese moved to NYC and was a studio manager and personal assistant in a prestigious Manhattan photography studio. He has experience working in large format camera photography and lighting, printing and all other processes involved. 

After getting married in 2013, Kriese returned to Indiana University to finish his bachelor's degree, focusing on acquiring skills in computer science, user experience, user interface design and informatics. He earned a minor in applied computer science and a certificate in human-computer interaction.